Are You Ignoring Bathroom Safety?

Friday, December 09, 2016

Bathroom safety isn’t something that you should overlook. The bathroom is actually more dangerous than you think. In fact, it is the cause of injury and accidents every year. So stop ignoring safety in this room, and start making it your new favorite room in your home.


What About Your Bathroom Safety?

Bathroom accidents happen all the time in America to people of all ages, but the bathroom is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. There are several things you can do to make the space safer for everyone.


Faucet covers:

Rubbery faucet covers dull the hard lines of your faucets, preventing injury if you fall into a faucet or smack a body part into one. Everyone’s done that at least once. You’ll find faucet covers at baby stores.


Bathtub grip:

Slips are a big factor in bathroom safety. Anyone can fall in the shower or slip on the tub while climbing inside, and this can cause fatal injury. Prevent this by placing a no-slip mat in the bottom of the tub. No-slip decals are a good option for kid-friendly bathtubs. The colorful decals make the bath seem a lot more fun, and they keep it much safer.



Have a rug next to the tub or shower, so you can step onto this when you exit. The rug should be no-slip and secured; you don’t want it to slide under your feet.


Water heater:

Hot water can be dangerous when it’s too hot. One of the main concerns in bathroom safety is hot water temperature. Make sure your hot water heater thermostat is set no higher than 125 degrees. To really maximize your safety, install anti-scald devices.


Light the way:

Too many bathroom accidents happen in the dark, late at night. Keep the bathroom well-lit, even at night, so that no one has to struggle in there. Use nightlights to make it easier to see.


Adjustable shower head:

Reduce the amount of moving around you’re doing in the shower with a handheld shower head. It’s easy for a plumber to install, and you may like the maneuverability of the handheld even more than your stationary shower head.

Staying Safer

Everyone needs bathroom safety. At some point, everyone goes to the bathroom. If you have guests over, if you have a close friend visiting, if you invite a date inside — they’re going in there. Give them, and yourself a much safer room to be in. Bathrooms get steamy and wet, and that can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not keeping the room as safe as it should be.

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We service Metro Louisville, Indiana, Jefferson County and surrounding counties.

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